St James' provides a good venue for weddings, with a traditional aisle for the bride to walk down and plenty of space for the bridal party.

People are often pleasantly surprised by how light and airy the interior is; also the acoustics are good for music (many musical concerts are held in the church).

There is a car park which makes life easier for the arrival of the bridal party.

The gardens also make a pleasant backdrop for photographs before and after the service.Wedding preparation takes place over a number of months, culminating in a rehearsal shortly before the actual wedding.  Arrangements are made for the calling of Banns, both at St James', and elsewhere if necessary. Generally, weddings take place on Saturdays, any time between 11.00 am and 3.00 pm. A wedding service usually takes about 45 minutes. We can provide musical accompaniment from an organist, choir, brass quartet or soloist, and we have equipment to play CDs.

Wedding couples may contact us through the Parish Office: 01392 420407.


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