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Have Your Say

Mission Action Plan Survey - Have Your Say

As part of Our Mission action planning, the PCC invites all members of our congregation, regular or occasional, including those who join us online, to reflect on and complete our survey.

The survey asks;

1) What do you value about St James' and

2) What are your hopes for St James’ in the future?

There are suggestions of things you might value and hope for in the future for our Church. These suggestions were collected from a cross-section of the Church at a previous meeting in March 2023. If what you value, or what you hope for in the future for St James’ isn’t described then please use the space provided to tell us about the things which are important to you, and about your hopes for St James’.

Where we have described suggestions, we are seeking your view on how much you agree or disagree with each of the suggestions put forward. It is important you tell us what is important to you, not what you think the PCC may want to hear.

Why are we doing this?

To plan the future mission for St James’ and what we do next, it is important we know what the body of the Church thinks and feels. We will use this information to plan our next steps to move us as a Church toward the hopes you feel most strongly about and to ensure we retain the things that are important to you in what we do now.

To complete the survey online - click here - Online Survey Form

A copy of the survey can be downloaded here - Mission Action Plan Survey (word)  or Mission Action Plan PDF

Please return your paper ccompleted survey by

  • Leaving it at the back of the church.
  • Sending a copy to
    • St James Office,
    • Mount Pleasant Road
    • Exeter
    • EX4 7AH
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